Saturday, October 11, 2008

So I'm finally doing it....

Alright, so I keep getting people who want me to have a blog so that they can keep in touch. I finally had enough people prod me that I'm going to do it. So here is the brand new way to keep up with what is going in the life of Megan....and Brian and the baby will also be featured. But it's mostly going to be me, Megan, who is playing with it.

Our recent news:

Well, we're only about four and a half weeks away from the due date for our new little one. Plan is that we will be naming her Eliana Marie Wells, but check back when we finally actually have her. You never know what might happen. For example, the baby could decide to surprise us all and be a boy. We hope not though. My husband would be a little upset, since all the clothes that we have are pink. And frilly. Definitely not boy clothes. So yeah, we hope that the doctors were right. Also we would have no idea what to name a boy. So I'm going to pretend that it isn't even an option that the doctor was wrong.

Both Brian and I are taking classes at BYU right now, and so far I think that we're doing alright. This semester for me actually has the potential to be the best one yet as far as grades go, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Brian is taking lots of Statistics classes, since he decided that would be something fun to do with the rest of his life (ie his major, we're just glad that someone enjoys it, because most people, especially me, are very glad NOT to have to do it), and I convinced him to take Marriage Enhancement with me since I had to for my major. So far we have learned little, but believe that we should give the communication workbook and accessories to my parents, because it might help them more than it does us. Christmas present, maybe? At the very least it would be fun to watch them use the communications wheel. Same concept behind watching them play DDR. In any case, it's nice to get to spend the time together in class. Two hours a week where he can't get away from me! Muahahaha!

As for work, I'm up at the BYU police station right now, pretending to be the appeals secretary. In all reality, I'm training my replacement, who is a wicked fast learner, and about all I do is show her how the random little things that don't come up very often work. Oh, and teaching her how the transfer calls button works on the telephone. And talking. Okay, so I do some work occaisionally, but I'm trying to get her as much experience as possible before I leave and she has no one to ask questions of. Expected leaving date is either the very end of October or the beginning of November. We're not really sure yet. Brian is working for Western Wats, which is a statistics company up in Orem. Basically, it will look good on his resume, and we're all for that. He enjoys some of it most of the time, although they don't always have enough for him to do. Those are the days that he comes home a bit early and I get to cuddle attack him. I like those days, for some reason.

So that's basically our lives right now. We love our house, and are looking forward to the impending arrival of our little one. Other than that, not much is new, but I'll probably ramble a bit about some strange things here next time I get on.