Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to the Grind

Hey everyone! We're back in Nebraska, and getting everything back to normal. I am absolutely loving having Brian back around, and the kids are getting used to daddy being back, too. Eliana is definitely still having some issues with Mommy being the only one allowed to comfort her, which has been a little hard on Brian, I think, but I expect that as we continue getting used to being back together as a family that it will ease up. Liam adores his daddy and mommy, and is letting Brian put him down for naps, though he does insist on Mommy for bedtime.

Brian started school yesterday, and we are looking forward to seeing how this semester ends up going. He's a little nervous about it, as he has far more responsibilities and classes, as well as needing to write up his internship practicum paper. His summer ended up really well, and he learned a lot working at NSF.

The kids are in their own bedroom. Woohoo! Yes, Liam does end up in our bed most nights for at least half of the night, and Eli likes to come wake us up at unreasonably early hours and cuddle, but hey, at least they start the night in their room, right? Eliana is working super hard on potty training, and as long as she doesn't have anything (read diaper or panties) on her bum, she uses the potty every time! Good job, Eli! Liam is working on being awesome. And by awesome, I mean that he sits up by himself, is starting to crawl, is getting his top two teeth (he already has his bottom front two), and insists that anytime we are eating that we feed him food as well. He loves guacamole, and honestly hasn't rejected anything that we've tried to give him. Though he's not super fond of plain old rice cereal. But he'll eat it if he has to. He's also the happiest baby in existence. I love his smiles!

As for me, I'm just working on settling back in. After my summer break, I'm looking forward to starting to do some crafty things again, and I have two quilts in the planning stages. I'm also hoping to do some canning in the near future, as there is an organic pick your own farm that should be starting peaches next week. Yum! I also plan on making some new curtains for our house, because the ones that the landlord put up are hecka ugly. Just taking them down is an improvement. I'm also going to try and convince Brian, and then the landlord, that the kitchen needs to be repainted. Because the entire thing, including the ceiling, is the yellow color of dried grease. Make me barf. And I want it to be pretty, so there. This weekend we will be getting our crib and dresser/changing station for the kids room! So excited!!! Thanks Mom and Steven! You guys are seriously awesome! I'm actually really looking forward to getting to put those together. Because I enjoy that sort of things immensely. Anyway, I really should get back to the kids and take over the laundry from Brian (that man is a saint, incidentally), so I shall chat with all of you lovely's later!

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Okay, just as fair warning, if you're easily grossed out by descriptions of terrible things happening to your bodily functions, or don't want to read about horrible things happening to lady parts, skip this post. No, seriously, you may not want to read it. I'm going to complain though, because it's MY blog, and I can. So there.

So I got an IUD again after having Liam to help with the postpartum depression issues and the fact that I was hugely terrified of getting pregnant again anytime soon. I thought, because the only problem that I had with the last one was improper placement, that if this one was placed correctly it would be the perfect birth control. I really don't know if I believe that anymore, and I'm seriously reevaluating the stupid thing. Firstly, I got a uterine infection. Apparently 30% of women with the mirena IUD get one in the first 6 months. I honestly didn't realize that was that high of a risk. So not cool. I found this out because I went to the doctor for feeling nauseated, having cramping, lower back pain, burning and swollen down there, hot and cold flashes all night long, and dizziness. Turns out the dizziness and nausea were from an inner ear infection though. So they diagnose the uterine infection, send me home with a prescription for antibiotics, and tell me all should be well within about 3 days.

Now, I know that antibiotics can do some nasty crap to you. So I went and got a probiotic to help with things. Problem is, you can't take it for at least 2 hours after the antibiotic, and I have to take that 3 times a day. So basically I can only take it right before bed, since it's supposed to be a once a day thing. So we're doing that.

Two days later, I have a yeast infection on top of the uterine infection from the antibiotics killing off all the good bacteria and leaving only yeast, which antibiotics don't kill. AND diarrhea from the antibiotics, leaving my entire pelvic floor feeling like it's on FIRE. I was seriously crying every time that I had to go to the bathroom, because I had killer everything. And I'm allergic to disposable pads. If I use them for more than about 5 days I get a horribly burny itchy rash from them. And I had to use them because let's face it, I don't want to get my cloth pads infected from the crap from the underworld and go through round after round of fighting this stuff. AND the hemorrhoid that I got from birthing Eliana decided to start acting up ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Literally wanted to die. I kid you not.

So I went to the store in the morning, got some yeast infection meds, and some yogurt because that is supposed to help against yeast and the diarrhea caused by the antibiotics. And then I stole my baby's diaper rash ointment (PS, shameless plug for the earth mama angel baby bottom balm: That stuff is AMAZING! and it smells good.) and am using that for the irritation from the diarrhea and the rash from the pads. Started the monistat, and began eating a scoop of yogurt everytime I go past the fridge. And then we hit evening, and the world decided to laugh at me one more time. Liam started glurping. Tons. I had completely forgotten that if I eat dairy, my babies throw up. And he is. Mind you, he's completely happy while doing it, and it's just spit-up, but he doesn't spit up at all as long as I'm not eating dairy foods. So yeah. I'm apparently going to just try to get through this the best that I can, and hope that things go better quickly. Especially since the antibiotic is decreasing my milk production as well.

All in all, if this ever happens again the IUD will be gone for good. As it is, I'd rather recover from childbirth, that was more comfortable. Heck, I might even choose to go through childbirth rather than deal with this many problems with the lady parts.

Someday maybe I'll look back and laugh at all this....