Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And then the baby exploded!

So here I am! Things are going really well for us this past week. Eliana is growing really well, and has already gotten back to her birthweight! Yay! She's such an overacheiver. My labor was amazingly good. They started the pitocin drip at 10 am, and I asked when they did it how long they expected me to be in labor. The answer? Ten to twelve hours. When was the baby born? 3:37 pm. They also told me to expect 2 hours of pushing, but it only took half an hour. So I think that she has decided that once she is going to do something, she's going to do it well(s). I didn't have to have an episiotomy, which is good, because I REALLY didn't want one. I just had two tiny little vaginal tears, and the doctor debated as to whether or not to even put stitches in. He did, but only one stitch in each. His comment when I was done? "You were made for having babies". Go me! Not that we're planning another one anytime soon. Or at least, not quite yet. Maybe in another year or so we'll start trying.

Alrighty, funny story time!

Brian has managed to have the baby pee on him two or three times now when going to change her diaper, and he's the only one that she does it to. It makes me laugh kinda a lot. So anyway, yesterday morning I was getting ready to feed the baby, and I asked him to change her diaper for me before he left for school. So he sets her down, gets ready to change her, and as soon as he opens her diaper, she lets it rip with the number two! Apparently she just really loves her daddy! Needless to say, she pretty much got it everywhere, and it became the cause for her first bath! We haven't downloaded the pictures yet, but rest assured, we will. She didn't like having the washcloth on her body so much, but she liked having her hair washed! So cute! She's also getting to the point that she stays awake for a couple of hours a day, and it's been really nice, because she does her active time during the day and sleeps really well at night. Brian and I only had to get up once with her last night! Yaya for sleep!

Anyway, I have about a zillion things of homework to do, so I need to get going, but there is a brief update on what is happening in our lives! And woohoo for our upcoming Thanksgiving holiday! We get to see both of our families and we will get to bless the baby! (Edit: We've actually decided to wait until Christmas to do so and are planning on doing it in my home ward. We're pretty sure that's how it's actually going to be.) Anyway, really going now, Ta!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's Like She's Half of Brian and Half of Megan...

Megan is still resting up and I'm sure she'll write more about her amazingly awesome pregnancy later. We want to thank everyone for their love and prayers over the last few days, and weeks, and months. We are extremely blessed to have little Eliana here and blessing our lives.

So... how about some pictures?! Yeah!!!

We can see Eliana in her hospital crib/bed/plastic tote sleeping away. And then there's Brian sleeping with Eliana (like father like daughter). And then we have Eliana sleeping on Megan's chest, cute as ever. Then yawning Eliana with Grandma Wells. Oh, so tender. Megan will post soon. I promise.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


May we present (drumroll please)...

Eliana Marie Wells
6 lbs. 11 oz.19 inches
Born at 3:37pm in Provo

More to follow soon. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

'Twas the Night Before Birthing...

Howdy friends and family! This is Brian, taking my hand at this joint effort to let you know what's going on here with the Wells.

As you might have heard or guessed, Megan is scheduled to be induced tomorrow (Tuesday the 18th). The long excitement of having a baby has reached its zenith. Tomorrow is the day (whether the baby likes it or not). We are most likely scheduled to go in bright and early, so by midday there may just be a brand new Wells baby. Yeah!

I will post as soon after the baby's birth as I can and let everyone know all the details. And maybe... just maybe... post a picture or two. Trust me, we want everyone to know what's going on with our new little one.

As a secondary note, I know many who are close by will like to stop by the hospital or the house soon. We'd ask you to be patient. Call please if you are going to, but I warn you... we may turn you away. It's nothing against you or your smell, but we don't need the paparazzi here smothering the new mom and new baby.

We love you all!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just my luck....

So I guess I'm just lucky or something. The first day that I don't have work and I've managed to get sick. And I'm due at any time. It's really quite annoying. 9 months pregnant with a really nasty head cold is not my idea of a fun day. And although I've managed to not miss class once so far this semester, today I didn't go to any. I just hope that no one assumes that I've popped. Although they probably will. Hopefully I'll be feeling a little better than death warmed over when the little one does decide to make an appearance. I also hope that Brian doesn't catch it. Because that would be really sad for him.

So the major update on my life is that I'm no longer working. I am going to miss seeing all of the girls at the station everyday, but I do plan on going back in to say hi every once in a while. And I'd get hunted down and killed if I don't, but hey.....

Halloween was oodles of fun. Went to a halloween party at Jordy and Leeny's place, and we hung out and just had a grand old time. It was so much fun. I went as Nox, the goddess of the night, and Brian was Apollo, god of the sun. Here we are:

We made homemade donuts for the party. I didn't quite get the glaze right, but they were still pretty good! Made me think of Grandma, since she makes them every year for halloween. Family tradition and all that. But I think that I looked pretty hot. Even if I was about to give birth to the moon...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So I'm finally doing it....

Alright, so I keep getting people who want me to have a blog so that they can keep in touch. I finally had enough people prod me that I'm going to do it. So here is the brand new way to keep up with what is going in the life of Megan....and Brian and the baby will also be featured. But it's mostly going to be me, Megan, who is playing with it.

Our recent news:

Well, we're only about four and a half weeks away from the due date for our new little one. Plan is that we will be naming her Eliana Marie Wells, but check back when we finally actually have her. You never know what might happen. For example, the baby could decide to surprise us all and be a boy. We hope not though. My husband would be a little upset, since all the clothes that we have are pink. And frilly. Definitely not boy clothes. So yeah, we hope that the doctors were right. Also we would have no idea what to name a boy. So I'm going to pretend that it isn't even an option that the doctor was wrong.

Both Brian and I are taking classes at BYU right now, and so far I think that we're doing alright. This semester for me actually has the potential to be the best one yet as far as grades go, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Brian is taking lots of Statistics classes, since he decided that would be something fun to do with the rest of his life (ie his major, we're just glad that someone enjoys it, because most people, especially me, are very glad NOT to have to do it), and I convinced him to take Marriage Enhancement with me since I had to for my major. So far we have learned little, but believe that we should give the communication workbook and accessories to my parents, because it might help them more than it does us. Christmas present, maybe? At the very least it would be fun to watch them use the communications wheel. Same concept behind watching them play DDR. In any case, it's nice to get to spend the time together in class. Two hours a week where he can't get away from me! Muahahaha!

As for work, I'm up at the BYU police station right now, pretending to be the appeals secretary. In all reality, I'm training my replacement, who is a wicked fast learner, and about all I do is show her how the random little things that don't come up very often work. Oh, and teaching her how the transfer calls button works on the telephone. And talking. Okay, so I do some work occaisionally, but I'm trying to get her as much experience as possible before I leave and she has no one to ask questions of. Expected leaving date is either the very end of October or the beginning of November. We're not really sure yet. Brian is working for Western Wats, which is a statistics company up in Orem. Basically, it will look good on his resume, and we're all for that. He enjoys some of it most of the time, although they don't always have enough for him to do. Those are the days that he comes home a bit early and I get to cuddle attack him. I like those days, for some reason.

So that's basically our lives right now. We love our house, and are looking forward to the impending arrival of our little one. Other than that, not much is new, but I'll probably ramble a bit about some strange things here next time I get on.