Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eliana's Sign and Mommy's Cloth Diaper Love

The absolute coolest thing ever happened this morning! It completely makes up for the rough night that we had (Eli got up three times last night, one of them because it was too hot, and we haven't put the air conditioner in her bedroom window yet. We really need to get on that.). Anyway, so Brian got up this morning, changed her diaper as usual, played with her for a little bit, and brought her in and set her on the bed next to me so that he could start getting ready for work. I roll over, still slightly groggy, but happy to see her, and start saying good morning to my sweet baby girl. Well, all of a sudden she very deliberately makes the sign for milk. I was so excited! I've been using that sign when I ask her if she's hungry for a few months now, but wasn't really sure when she would start using it. There have been a few times that I thought that she might be trying, but it was not a definite sign asking for milk until today. So she made her first sign this morning, I grinned at her, and she grinned at me. Beautiful. It was cool, because Brian saw it too, and we were both amazed. And then I fed my baby milk.

Part 2: Cloth Diaper Love
I love love love cloth diapers!! We are mostly using the BumGenius All-in-One One-Size organic diaper, with a few prefolds thrown in when we run out. I love them! We've been doing cloth for three or four weeks now (I think), and they are awesome! Nothing at all like the cloth diapers that our moms used. No pins (which is wonderful), and they now make flushable liners so that when baby starts solids and you can't just throw the poopy diapers straight into the wash anymore you can put in a liner and the poop shakes right out with the liner. Love love love. Occaisionaly we do miss putting a liner in when she poops, but that's what yellow cleaning gloves are for, right? So that you can clean up messes that you'd rather not touch with your bare hands. I feel like with using cloth I'm actually getting something out of diapering her, instead of throwing away 40 to 50 dollars a month. Of course, it is a big up front investment, but in the long run it does end up being cheaper. Especially when you consider that cloth diapers usually last through more that one kid. Yes, I'm a hippie. And I love it.