Sunday, March 1, 2009

Peanut Butter and Awesome

Brian here. Thought I'd drop in my customary what down low on the low down...
First off, wanted to let you know that a new album is up on Facebook of Eliana from January to February. Here's the link:

Well what about us? Things are going well for the Wells Family. Both Megan and I are doing pretty well (Megan says it's actually "FREAKIN' AWESOME") in classes. Megan was completely amazed today when I said she had 6 and half weeks of class, plus a week of finals, and then she'd be done with school. It's crazy to think about her being all graduated and having a degree. (It's just so she can one up me. Haha... j/k)

My family came down for the President's Day weekend, which happened to coincide with Valentine's weekend. (What is up with that anyways... too many holidays in one weekend. It just ruins it, ya know.) We had a great time. This also meant we got a new car! Hooray! We told Dad we were looking for one since ours was like hashed from our accident last year. Well Dad found an awesome deal up there; we bought it and he brought it down. It's a lovely gold 2003 Ford Taurus which has more space and CD player. Megan loves to drive it. Probably because it doesn't look like she bought it from the ghetto.

Eliana is growing so much! She's over 13 pounds now and I'm sure beyond that by now, which means she's doubled her birth weight. She has discovered the joys and wonders of moving objects and TV. Many a night has been spent watching Star Trek or a movie with Eliana just big eyed towards the screen. We were actually watching a movie a couple of weeks ago, some kind of explosion happened and Eliana jumped back in her seat with big shocked eyes. It was cute.

She has also found the joy of music. She loves hearing mommy and daddy sing. She's fallen in love with:
- "Popcorn Popping"
- "In the Leafy Treetops"
- "I Love to See the Temple"
- "I am a Child of God"
- "Book of Mormon Stories"
- "Little Bunny Foo-foo"
- etc...
But of particular interest is her theme song which we made up from an old army tune Dad Wells taught us. It's a cute little song. Megan just wrote a third verse. The other song of interest is a song we heard on InsideOut's newest CD "Sharing Time" (which she loves to listen to in the car... no crying). It's called "Peanut Butter and Jelly". Its a fun song. I've linked a homemade YouTube music video to it (please note we did NOT make the video).

Well... I think that's all for today/tonight. (I've been writing this over the course of about 10 hours.) We love you all. We appreciate your love and support and your prayers in our behalf. More posts to come because more is yet to happen.