Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Global Warming My .... Um.....Eye....

I would like to point out something that is very incongruous with the whole 'global warming' epidemic. Today is the first day of April. And it is in fact, snowing. Wait, I get it now, global warming is the best April Fool's joke ever! What the problem really is, the reason that it is warmer later into the year, and colder into the spring, is really that scientists miscalculated the duration of the earth's rotation, and the year is actually supposed to be a few minutes longer than they have made it. Wow, I'm glad I figured that out. I believe that I will wait to tell them until after I've graduated though, because I would hate for them to fix it in the middle of the semester and have to wait an extra few days to graduate. That would just be miserable. And they'd have to come up with some crazy name for that extra week. Like leap week. And knowing BYU, they still wouldn't let us have a spring break! Of all the nerve. Of course, my whole theory could just be a product of Utah being screwy for weather. They do say that if you don't like the weather here, wait 10 minutes. Which is somewhat true. Monday it snowed 4 inches, and yesterday was beautifully sunny. Stupid Utah. Stupid snow. Stupid global warming.

Anyway, enough ranting about the beautiful (kill me now) weather, and on to recent happenings in the Wells household. Brian and I are still managing quite well in our studies, Eli went through another growth spurt, and is trying to exhaust her mommy by waking up 2-3 times during the night when she had been down to 1, Megan (me) wants to just quit school, and is just happy that she only has 3 weeks left, and Brian is for some inexplicable reason still enjoying sadistics....I mean, statistics. My mom left this past friday after having been here for just over a week, and it was really quite fun. I was horribly nervous beforehand, not having seen her for quite a few years, but found out that we have an awful lot in common. And she completely spoiled me while she was here. Shame on her (Thank you mom). We did drive up to Boise so that she could see Cherokee, which she completely enjoyed, and I had the strange experience of seeing both of my parents in the same room, and sort of smiling, no less. All in all, it was really good, although next time I hope that I can convince them to stand close enough to each other that I can get a picture with them and myself. Although I have no idea when 'next time' is going to be. Considering that mom lives in Hawaii, and it's a trifle expensive to come out here, the next time might be when Cherokee gets married, although I really hope that it's sooner than that, and I think that my mom hopes that, too. I also have realized that I don't need to worry too much about getting old. I have similar skin to my mom's, and all week everyone kept asking if she was my older sister, which was hilarious, but she really doesn't look old enough to be my mom. Cher's, maybe, but apparently not mine. We also were naughty and surprised Brian while she was here. Wednesday night I put Eliana to bed and mom and I started getting ready for a 'girls night out'. Little did Brian know, we were secretly planning a date for him and I. I looked freaking hot, too. So once I was ready, my mom told Brian to go put on his shoes, and he looked at her for a second and then was like "Oh!". It was really cute. Also, my mom and I bought matching shoes from Charlotte Russe. Honestly, they may even tie with Jessica's 'the shoes' for amazingness. Although I haven't quite decided if they do or not. But they are extremely sexy. Anywho, I need to write a research paper to piss off my parenting and child guidance professor. It's about breastfeeding and the development of allergies. He is of the opinion that breastfed babies rarely get allergies, and I found a bunch of research studies that contradict him, although others agree with him. So basically they can't really prove that breastfeeding prevents allergies. So there.