Friday, February 6, 2009

Desensitization to human feces

It's amazing to me how quickly you get used to cleaning up someone else's poop as a parent. I have gotten to the point that it is just a fact of life that I will probably be washing baby poopoo out of a onsie every day or two. Of course, then there are the days that it happens two or three times. Just recently Eli had a day where I set her down in her bouncer seat, and about ten minutes later had a poopie diaper. They don't smell terribly bad, but she goes off like a trumpet and is quite loud about it. So I take her out to change her, and there is a lovely yellowish stain all up her back. All over her outfit. Somehow she missed the chair (thankfully). So I get her changed and go back to washing dishes. Probably twenty minutes later I notice that she has a new brown stain, all over her new onsie, only this time it's up the front. I have no idea how she managed that one. Butt in back, poop in front up far enough that her belly button is filled with it? Not sure how the logistics of that worked. So I take care of that one, too. Now, I'm no fool, and realizing that it's just that she wants to ruin all of the cute clothes, I put her in the ugliest onsie that we have. It works, and she didn't have another blow out that day.
Well, today is the second day that I am really back into my prepreggo jeans, and they look quite spiffy. Not gonna lie. Now, I know that she is just itching to get poop on them. It's how she rolls. (Well, actually, she rolls from her tummy to her back, but you know what I mean.) So I'm nursing her, which is prime defecation time. I hear a rumble. Uh, oh, she's gonna try for it. So I put my hand over the edge of the diaper to assist it in poop keeping. Woohoo! No poop escaped from the side! Yay for me! So I very carefully lay her down on my lap, assuming the diaper has done it's job of absorption. Not so! I grab the changing pad to lay her on, and as I move her I notice a lovely big spot right on my thigh. Eliana 1 - Mommy zero.

Oops, I hear her going at it again, better make sure she doesn't get it on the couch! Where did I put that changing pad?....

Sunday, February 1, 2009

By Popular Demand...

Many have asked to see more pictures of Eliana. Well, I've done so on Facebook. So if you follow this link:

It should get you to the new album of Eliana. Some are repeats, but whatever. I'll add some more later. But enjoy!