Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eliana FloorWalker

It's official. Eliana is walking! After months of assisted walking through the house and everywhere, she is finally doing it on her own. Enjoy!

"Impressive. Most impressive." -Darth Vader-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Masterpiece: Carrots and Peas on Highchair

Howdy friends and family. Our camera decided to divulge all of its photos today and we thought you might like to see some of Eliana and the family. An album has already been set up on Facebook which you can access here:

Some I didn't seem to include were our recent family photos (one of which is displayed in our living room) so here's a treat for you.

We continue keeping busy. I am busy with lots of homework, research projects, consulting, and playing tour guide to Eliana as she walks around the house. It is amazing how much she has learned and grown over the last 10 and a half months. Megan is busy playing Mommy, making curtains for Eliana's room, and dealing with the baby who loves walking everywhere Mommy will let her. Eliana is growing like a weed with six teeth, hair that can actually support a bow (though Eliana doesn't support the bow), and a love for adventure and excitement (at least as much as we let her get into).

Love you all and God bless.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's cool! It's hip! Isn't it?

Cool Occurrence One:
Eliana started to walk this week. Unassistedly, that is. Her highest number in a row is something like nine. Now, these steps were not towards her mother, mind you. They were walking to her Aunt Amber, who is much cooler. The in-laws (whom I adore, incidentally), came down for conference this past weekend. Which was awesome, by the way. Eli loved playing with her Aunt Amber, enjoyed Grandpa, who looks a lot like her Daddy and Unc Jason, and liked Grandma until she scared her with noseblowing. Grandma thought Eliana didn't like her very much, but I think that Eli was just being herself. When someone really really want her to like them and play with them, she doesn't want anything to do with it. Take me, for example. If I am doing anything that distracts from Eli, she comes and demands my attention. The only reason I am currently writing this is beause she is napping. Now, if you want Eli to come do something with you, she will run away quickly. Unless you have something that she wants. In Amber's case, I suspect it is beautiful red hair that she can...play with? Pull on? Something like that. She loves to play with mine while nursing before bed at night.

Numero Dos:
The toilet fairies fixed the toilet! Hooray!!! Since we moved in last May (approximately a year and a half ago), the toilet has had this little quirk where it runs constantly. While the girls all went shopping to find a homecoming dress for Amber, the boys fixed the toilet. I'm still not completely positive which all boys were in on it. I think just Dad, Brian and Jason. Anyway, they decided to let me figure out on my own that it had occurred. It was given away by the different flush handle. It wasn't until after it flushed that I realized that it wasn't running constantly anymore. I am super excited. Next up: Fixing the drippy sinks. Dunno when that will happen, but they need new washers. Badly.

Cool Occurrence Number Three. Literally.:
Our heater isn't working. Our landlord went down on friday (?) to make sure everything was in working order to start using our awesome old heater (which I really do love, it's quite wonderful), and it seems the pump is broken. Which means no heat or moisture from our beautiful steam radiators. Sad freaking weekend. It's been cold, and I am so so so so so so so sooooooo grateful that Mom and Dad Wells lent us a space heater last winter. And didn't ask for it back. We've been using it for Eliana's room, and using the oven to heat the rest of the house. Needless to say, our bedroom is the coldest room in the house. Luckily the temperature has not been so cold that we have had to move in with Eli, although that may happen in the near future if fixing the pump takes too long. So if you want to pray for our heater, we would be okay with that. Our neighbors probably wouldn't complain either.